Thursday, March 27, 2008

#6- Judas' Easter: There is a Goat in the Tank

(7 Posts on the Easter Judas had to have. The text is Luke 22:3-23.)

So Judas has his hand in the till.

I know a gentleman who has a phrase to describe this phenomenon in all of us. He calls it the 'Goat in the Tank'. Now, this is a little crude, but it makes the point.

My friend went away to a farm once for a vacation. And noticed that the water tasted funny. He noticed it over several days. So he got the farmer to look in on the problem. And the farmer took a look in the tank and fished out -- you guessed it -- a dead goat.

I presume from then on they decided to buy bottled water!

But my friend thought about it, and he realized that our hearts are like the tank. There is something wrong in all of us. There is, what we might call, a 'goat in the tank':
Sin inside each of us.

A deep frailty.
A devastating flaw.
A predilection to hurt.
A selfish thing going on.

There is, in short, a goat in the tank. And Judas’ love of money was what eventually lead him to betray Jesus.

One post to come...

Pic on Flickr by Bevoman03.


Christopher said...

That story makes me feel nauseous.

Justin said...

Just like sin, right?


Christopher said...

Exactly. However, I wish I could say that I feel as nauseous about my own sin.

Justin said...

Me too.