Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Statistics...

I have a friend (really I do) who wants to follow his stats and hits etc on his Blog.

What do you use? Statcounter? Google Analytics? Something else?
And what are the advantages of the one you use?

Pic on Flickr by Nsgoh(song).


dave miers said...

i use 2:

1) statcounter - this has live stats. i quickly check it most days. but it only has a log of the last 500 visits.

2) google analytics - this is very comprehensive. i only check it once every few months. it has an unlimited log - so you go back and look at trends over a longer time span etc.

Mark Earngey said...

Yep, had the same setup as Dave on my old blog. Haven't yet swung statcounter onto my current blog, and probs won't worry about it. But Google Analytics is the bomb.

shanerogerson said...

hey justin
this may sound like a mac / pc thing
but word press is so much better in this regard.
it does it all for you on your dashboard.


Steve Kryger said...

I use Google Analytics (very detailed) and Clicky ( Clicky is good as it's very easy to use - small monthly fee, but I've found it very useful.

I've also used Mint ( which is a good tool too.

John Bartik said...

I'm with Shane. Wordpress is truly amazing.