Friday, May 29, 2009

The Resurrection and the Case for Mission (Autumn Sermon Series)

(Autumn? Yes. This is my second 'fall' in 6 months. God did not intend such irregularities. But I digress. On with the post.)

St Philip's, before I came back to Australia, had already identified at least six 'communities' that we currently or historically have catered to and served. Six communities that we are seeking to reach with the Gospel of Christ's death, resurrection and Messiah-ship. The six communities are made up of those who say:
  • I live in the city (Residents)
  • I work in the city (Workers)
  • I value Anglicanism, and liturgy (Traditional)
  • I want to get married in your church (Marriages)
  • I have no home (Itinerant)
  • I love music (Musicians)
Of course, there are some who come to us, simply because we are a small and kind church. A place to learn from, and serve Jesus. They find a 'home' here. But many fit into one of these 6 communities.

So, I've based the next series to explore our mission field, and to begin to work towards communicating a vision for St Philip's by October, 2009.


This Sun May 31
The Resurrection and the Importance of the City

Speaking with, and to the Residential Community

Sun Jun 7
The Resurrection and the Value of Work
Speaking with, and to the Business Community

Sun Jun 14
The Resurrection and the Hand of God in History
Speaking with, and to the Traditional Liturgical Community

Sun Jun 21
The Resurrection and the Sanctity of Marriage
Speaking with, and to the Wedding Couple Community

Sun Jun 28
The Resurrection and the Poor and the Restless
Speaking with, and to all those whose ‘boat’ feels rocky! (Itinerant Community)

Sun Jul 5
The Resurrection and the Creative Soul
Speaking with, and to all the music community.

I take it that since Christ has been raised as Lord, then he must reign until all things are placed under his feet, so that God may be all in all. So what does Jesus Messiah-ship mean for us as we try to reach at least these six communities?

That's the series.


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Matthew Moffitt said...
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annie said...

I empathise with you - it's my second fall in 6 months too!! Wish I could go to a Memorial Day barbecue and look forward to 6 months of warm weather... all in good time.

Justin said...

@matt- fixed.

@ annie- it must be said, of course, that your winter will not be as aggressive as you are used to!

Paul Grimmond said...

Hi Justin,

Just wanted to say that I'm stoked to see you preaching on the Resurrection. It's a doctrine we've left lying in the corner for too long.

Brian said...

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