Monday, May 25, 2009

Sydney Blogger Pub Visit is on *Tonight*

We are on tonight. It's Monday May 25. We will meet from 6-8PM?

I think that there are some 10-12 who are interested, perhaps more.
  • Looking forward to hanging out with my friend Craig again, and talking Richard Johnson.
  • I'm looking forward to plumbing the depths of Michael Canaris's brain.
  • I'm looking forward to reminisicing with Ben about CMS Summer School, Moore, and other good things.
  • I'm wondering how pyscho, dougie will be.
  • So, I finally get to meet /Karen/, and see the person behind her profound and thoughtful posts.
  • I'm wondering if Stephen Kryger be as positive and as constructive as his online persona? And meeting the man behind 'Communicate Jesus'.
  • And seeing again, hopefully, Ali, the Blogger-poet.
  • And Georgina, who doesn't have Bible Study tonight.
  • And I'm looking forward to meeting Earngey, and not as in a mirror dimly.
Bring anyone you like (significant others, kids etc -- we were yesterday evening with ours).

Any last minutes takers?

I will bring a laptop and a remote connection, so I'm pretty sure there'll be a few live posts.



Mark Earngey said...

I'll see you guys there too! Thanks for organising Justin...

Georgina said...

/Karen/ & I will be there, but I think Craig double booked himself, or maybe I'm mis-representing him.

dave miers said...

won't be there. have a killer night.

RodeoClown said...


I'll be on the train at 6 - probably with my internet connection humming - I may be able to participate virtually in this endeavour :)

Mark said...

Board meeting on tonight, so can't make it :(

I hope someone takes notes!

Ali said...

Apologies to you all for my non appearance (though you'd have been sorely disappointed after Justin's kind hyperbole in calling me any sort of poet). I couldn't get in to blogspot to comment at work. Normally I lead a rather quiet life and have a low stress job and would love to come. However, for this brief moment of time I have loads going on, had a big weekend involved in both sessions of EQUIP, and then was asked to do overtime at work to get something finished this week and off to press before June end. So it all conspired against me. But hopefully next time ...

Steve Kryger said...

Hi Justin, sorry I missed this - got held up doing some bits and pieces for church's 125 anniversary celebrations. Want to catch up for a coffee next week?

Matthew Moffitt said...

Sorry to have missed it Moff-man.

Mike W said...

Why, why do I check these late at night?

Mark Earngey said...

Thanks for organising it Justin - was great to get to meet you in person!