Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Podcasting Help.

I was using Switchpod, but they are closing up shop next Monday, and they are recommending everyone transfer to Libsyn. Libsyn appears to cost money.

Where do you upload your sermons etc?

Where could I?



Mark Earngey said...


For the Pilgrim's Podcast (which Steve Gardner and I are still getting the hang of!) we are uploading a running it off my own hosting.

For a reasonably low cost, a company called Blue Host provides hosting, Wordpress support (which makes Podcasting easy!) and domain name purchases. Check it out...

If you didn't want to send $$, the provider that Michael Jensen and David Hohne are using - Podomatic - is pretty good I think.


PS - If you did want to go with Bluehost, get in touch - I'll get a small commission to help my life as a poor student!!!

Mark Earngey said...

Flip. I should clarify:
1) our podcast is hosted on my hosting provided by Bluehost.
2) "send" should read "spend"


Gav Perkins said...
is free and simple.

Steve Carlisle said...

Hi mate

I have used podbean. It can be used free, but I like it at $5US per month, becasue it allows a lot more storage for that cost, and it is easy to use. Very blog friendly
and used it here to

Doug Taylor said... is worth checking out.

David Ould said...

we use the podpress plugin for wordpress

Charlie said...

Check out
they are in the US. They are hosting tons of good sermons and yours would be an excellent addition.