Friday, May 01, 2009

Sydney Bloggers to Meet

My friend Mark suggested in a comment:
Can I make the outrageous suggestion that maybe someone (Justin?) could designate a pub or park in the city and once a quarter we have a live, in the flesh, Sydney bloggers meet?
I'm happy to. But what do you all think? Would anyone enjoy a quiet ale in the city, for all the Bloggers that come from Sydney Anglican-kind-of-circles?

Mark and I would be in.
Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.
  • Who is in?
  • What constitutes a 'Sydney Blogger'?
  • When is a good time?
  • Where?
Pic on Flickr by 'Bobesh.


CraigS said...

Count me in

Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Wish I were in Australia to be there :D

RodeoClown said...

I'd be happy to give it a shot (God willing)!

A few years ago we had a small one with the (Andrew) Barrys, and played some board games and cricket and ate a delicious lunch (thanks Ruth!)

For all the city-worker bloggers, we could even just have lunch together one workday at Hyde/Wynyard Park or the Domain or somesuch...

dvm said...

It is quite an outrageous suggestion but I'd be interested. Although how do bloggers interact in the flesh? Does one person make an observation and then everyone take turns to comment?

gbroughto said...

as a comment-make on various SydAng blogs, but not a blogger as such, I would be interested in a 'quite ale'in the city.
Having seen the changes in the inner-east and innver-west over the past decade, I would much prefer a real pub, not some (s)wanky wine bar, or heaven forbid, some faux irish pub. Very happy to go somewhere that serves Guiness, tho.

Justin said...

Geoff - perhaps Glebe then? Home turf for you? It may be good for College peeps. And inner west types.

Do you recommend a pub?

David Ould said...

Now then, Moffatt. When we met in real life you told me it was, and I quote, "disappointing".


You think I'm going to come out and have my ego crushed again? :-P

Michael Canaris said...

Count me in.

mark said...

If it's in Glebe, the pub options are the Toxteth or AB's! Failing that, there's a cracker of a coffee shop called Well Connection up on Glebe Pt road.... I'm there either way :)

psychodougie said...

what's that nice place with a beer garden in the front? glebe pt rd. on the eastern side.

nice thinking markus

mark said...

Oops. I meant Well Connected, not Well Connection (sounds like a foreign sign mistake!).

Dunno what the place is Dougie, but I have a hunch I know where it is. Though, that doesn't really help.

That said, to add to the plug for Well Connected, the owner's a lovely Christian lady and it's a great place to study. Perfect for a bloggers-meet! :)

Seumas Macdonald said...

I'm theoretically in.

gbroughto said...

Well Connected would be fine... about the third or fourth best coffee in Glebe.

re: Pubs

1.Friend in Hand
+ve best pub in Glebe by a significant margin
-ve harder to find, not very big

2. The Nag's Head
+ve great pub & easy to find, good food if wanting a meal
-ve parking can be iffy, although St Johns Church carpark is a 5 min walk away

Ancient Briton (AB)
+ve it is central, easy to find, on bus route, can park in St Johns church carpark across road
-ve since rennovations = (s)wanky wine bar

Toxteth - okay option

+ve one of the only "real" pubs left, with real locals drinking
-ve harder to find, no parking, and might be a bit off-putting for those from further away

Roxbury - poor option

Forest Lodge Hotel
+ve good day time option, with good coffee as well

In the end I'd be happy with most of these.

Shane said...

great idea - count me in
a non pub option might be deusexmachina on parramatta rd camperdown.

or carriage works cafe in darlington (near moore) on the rail. uber cool bloggy type space.

gbroughto said...


you are just way too cool-for-school, Rogerson... never seen nerdy-type bloggers hanging out there, but its a great venue for getting together!

Shane said...

thanks Geoff

and to explain for others - its not as kinky as it sounds

deus (god) ex (of / out of ) machina (machine)

how's my latin Seumas?

its a bike shop with a cafe

originally used in greek tragedy - just when you thought there was no way out of the plot along comes a god winched in on a crane to save the day

but a good space for meeting , but no beer for the Lutherans

Seumas Macdonald said...

your latin's come up all shiny!

cafedave said...

I'm game. The choice of cafe or pub generally determines a lot about the conversation. Either would work well for this, I think!

Justin said...

What about May 20? From 6PM (after work) That's a Wednesday night. The pub won't be full of Thursday night drinkers, Friday and the weekend are too complex?

HOw about the The Nag's Head on St John's Road?

Does the night work?

(Get some sitters and bring your spouses etc...)

mark said...

Sounds good by me!

Shane said...

I will be nagging elsewhere with other heads and no beer at Bishopscourt that evening (South Sydney Regional council)

could you live blog the event?!

Georgina said...

I'm keen. Close to work, it is. Speaking like Yoda, I am.

dave miers said...

maybe not available this one. but in principle in for the concept.

/Karen/ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
psychodougie said...

bible study night.

how about a web poll?

byron smith said...

So who will be liveblogging the event for those of us who can't make it?

Justin said...

Hey everyone -- You are not going to believe this: but a welcoming function for Laurel and me was moved from Friday Night to Wednesday Night.

In other words, I'm now not free in Wednesday Night! (May 20)

You all can go ahead without me. No problems. But there were a lot of people not free on May 20.

Before I blog it, would you like:

A. Keep it on May 20, and I'll join you on another night?
B. Monday Night May 25? 6-8PM?
C. Thursday Night May 28? 6-8PM?

Make your choice, friends, cos I'll move it in the morning.

Sorry all!


psychodougie said...

only one that works for me.

Justin said...

B is best for me too.

Anyone else want to argue A or C?

Justin said...

I'll put a post up with new information (new time, or same time without me) in a few hours.

So let me know...


mark said...

B works for me too!

Seumas Macdonald said...

B is viable.