Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8th Sydney Rector now Blogging

There appears to be a new Craig's Blog.

This a new Craig too. Craig Schafer from St Mark's Pennant Hills. He is the 8th Sydney Rector to Blog. The list is:
  1. Shane Rogerson -Minister at Cook's River Anglican
  2. Michael Kellahan -Minister Roseville East Anglican
  3. Dominic Steele -Annandale Anglican
  4. Chris Braga - Summer Hill Anglican
  5. Roger Bray - Macquarie Anglican Churches
  6. Andrew Katay - Christ Church Inner West Anglican Community
  7. Yours Truly - York Street Anglican
  8. Craig Schafer -- St Mark's Pennant Hills.
Go over and say Hi to Craig. Make a comment.



Craig Schafer said...

Thanks for the plug Justin!

michael jensen said...

Eight down: two hundred and something to go?

shanerogerson said...

well done Craig
I now have two Craig's blog on my reader!

for the record
we prefer to be known as St Peters Church
cooks river and anglican we are, but we are trying to shake it

Edmo of the no blog said...

Our Deputy Minister