Monday, June 29, 2009

What Men Want in a Wife (Herald Interview)

I was interviewed by Lisa Pryor from the Sydney Morning Herald a few weeks back on what I was looking for in a wife. The print version came out on in the Sun Herald Life Magazine this last Sunday. There were two other guys she spoke to. The three interviews are placed up by way of comparison.

I asked for some advice from a few media types beforehand. It's a lifestyle piece, so it was always going to be positive. And I tried to keep it that way. We spoke for about 90 minutes, and she wrote about 500 words. All good. The print version had a picture of me in St Philip's.

What Men Want in a Wife (This is the online version. You have to scroll to get my bit)

Any thoughts?



Mike Doyle said...

Because I believe in a God who loves, is faithful and is graceful, I want to marry someone who knows that story of love, faithfulness and grace."

Nicely put.


Justin said...

I think I said Grace Filled in the interview. But who can be sure of such things.

Thanks mate.

dave miers said...

good stuff. well done.

Liz G said...

you did well Justin, I pray it will bring people to your church who want to find out more

Justin said...

Thanks Liz G. In the original piece, they mentioned where you could find me. In the final version, I'm an "Anglican Minister". So it is harder to track me down.

God does as he pleases.

geoffc said...

Loved the whole thing

"It is not your love that sustains the marriage," Bonhoeffer wrote to a couple about to wed, "but from now on, the marriage that sustains your love."

I liked this part. It runs counter to what I assume most think, and was helpful for me to have to put like that.

The Bible is "mercifully scant on detail", says Moffatt. "It doesn't say who takes out the garbage, who fills the car up and who makes dinner, so every couple has to work out what it means."

And this was great too. You reffered to the bible as the authority, and hopefully it would have broke down some unfounded assumptions of the Christian faith.

I think you did amazingly well.

Mark said...

I'm with Mike and Geoff. I love the line about marrying someone who knows the story of divine love and Bonhoeffer's quote about the place of marriage in the sustaining of love, not vice versa.

(Shame the online article doesn't have your photo in it. If I didn't see that in print, I wouldn't have bothered to read the article itself!)

KayKay said...

I read the online article. I was sceptical before reading the article. I didn't expect a Christian perspective on it but was nicely surprised. :)

Chris Little said...

I thought it was great - for the reasons already noted. And also coming where it did. I found the first guy's situation terribly sad & empty.

Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job. I read yours first but then read the ones either side. Yours is a breath of fresh air and I hope the biblical perspective which is so beautiful and simple will challenge people's ideals.

Chelsea Taylor said...

Hey Jman, loved what you wrote, especially seeing that Christian perspective in there amongst the others (adn the rest of the paper), hopefully people will really notice that! Particularly what you said about "Because I believe in a God who loves, is faithful and is graceful, I want to marry someone who knows that story of love, faithfulness and grace" and clearly expressing the significance of the vows, what its all about.
We were very blessed at our wedding that non-christians seemed to notice this difference in perspective nad attitude and focus and love, hopefully many will read that in this article too :)

p.s. recently started reading Bonhoeffer's letters from prison - AMAZING read, now understanding why you love this guy - actually read the letter you quoted in this article just a couple of days ago :)

Brian said...

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