Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jensen on Calvin in The Australian

Michael Jensen, (whom I meant to jog with this morning, and *totally* slept through *two* alarms) wrote a piece today on Calvin that was published in The Australian. Take a read HERE

It is a worthy read, and I'm proud that he has this voice in the Op-Ed pages of the secular newspapers. More of it, I say.

Have I got an Amen?



michael jensen said...

and where were you?!

Justin said...

I here now issue a public apology. Had two alarms set, and slept through both of them.

Ch said...

Justin jogging. My imagination falls far short. Did we see this at college?

Chris Little said...

(I need to out myself as both writer of previous post & unable to write my name properly.)

Jeff A said...

Hey Justin...great job in the SMH today!

Justin said...

@Chris -- Well, I didn't actually make it jogging! :)

And I jogged a few times at College. Not more than a few. But I ran the City to Surf in 2nd year.

@Jeff -- thanks mate. I just blogged about it.