Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Are there only Eight Sydney Rectors who Blog?

There appears to be a new Craig's Blog. This a new Craig too. Craig Schafer from St Mark's Pennant Hills. He is our 8th Sydney Rector to Blog. So, we now have 8 Rectors:
  1. Shane Rogerson -Minister at St Peter's Church, Cooks River
  2. Michael Kellahan -Minister Roseville East Anglican
  3. Dominic Steele -Annandale Anglican
  4. Chris Braga - Summer Hill Anglican
  5. Roger Bray - Macquarie Anglican Churches
  6. Andrew Katay - Christ Church Inner West Anglican Community
  7. Yours Truly - York Street Anglican
  8. Craig Schafer -- St Mark's Pennant Hills.
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psychodougie said...

1/ typo (craig's schafer)

2/ i'm pretty sure there are more. Michael Crichton does occasionally on the St Alban's website (as do the assistant and youth ministers).

and there are other ministers, but i take it you're more interested in rectors than assistants? (can you remind me why?)

Justin said...


1/ Corrected.

2/ It has to be a personal Blog, not just blogging on a church site. And I just am interested in Rectors. That's all.

Pete Hughes said...

I blog about theological issues (http://petes-reflections.blogspot.com/) and then we have a church blog (wwww.somachurchurch.wordpress.com), but I am not a rector (apparently I didn't have enough experience to be a rector) so I got a job as a Church Planter instead (work that out!!)

Luke said...

Is this a rector's blog?