Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sydney Bloggers CBD Lunch: June 10 Wynyard Park

The Rodeoclown and I will be having lunch in Wynyard Park on Wednesday, June 10, at 1pm.

Care to join us?

Does that Statue still exist? We could meet near it.

Pic on Flickr by State Records NSW.


Anonymous said...

That's the statue of John Dunmore Lang - and yes, it's still there. Lang was the first Presbyterian minister in Australia. He started in Van Dieman's Land and then came up to Sydney. He founded the Presbyterian Church on the diagonally opposite corner from St Philip's (the one with an apartment building on top). J.D. Lang is the Presbyterian equivalent of William Cowper, except he was probably a better preacher...

Anonymous said...

It turn out I was wrong about him starting in Van Dieman's Land. You can read more about him here

He's one of the great characters of the early colony, certainly an influence on the evangelical heritage of Sydney. But also a historian, republican, educator, legislator, and probably the most litigious person in NSW.

Luke said...

I work nearby and as I missed the bloggers meetup at the Nags Head, will be coming along. Looking forward to it!

Will there be a wet weather plan? Or are we all going to be optimistic?

Justin said...

The wet weather plan is to meet at 3 York St -- just a 2 minute walk north of Wynyard Park. That is at St Philip's York St. We can walk to a cafe from there.