Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#1 Religion (15 minutes around Postcode 2000)

Sydneysiders are interested, tolerant and polite about ‘religion’, (having engaged with Scripture in Schools), but skeptical that any one version is the only true version, and rarely motivated to change. They hate confrontation, but are open to Jesus.

Pic on Flickr by Assaf F.

'Sydneysiders' is code for the people we are trying to reach: People in or near Postcode (Zip) 2000. Again, I stress that this list does not capture everyone (not least of which is the incredible amount of Asian people in our area of Sydney). It is simply meant to ring true of many Sydneysiders. See the original post HERE. And all posts in the Series HERE.


gbroughto said...

I know little about postcode 2000, a fair bit more about postcodes 2010 and 2037.

Based on my experience, I think you're being a bit generous with the profile of "interested, tolerant and polite"

In the general neighbourhood, I was continually meeting a high % of people who had actively rejected Christianity as organised religion. As expected, this was generally not a very well informed decision: a grab bag of bad personal experience, media sound-bites, 20 minutes of internet research, reading Dan Brown novels etc.

So a decent conversation could often get them to "interested" - but I would not assume this as a starting point for either 2010 or 2037 postcodes.

I think the profile "skeptical that any one version is the only true version, and rarely motivated to change" hits the nail on the head.

Indifference is one of the biggest factors... see my supervisor's (Tom Frame) latest book on unbelief in Australia of a detailed discussion of the role of indifference / apathy in unbelief in Australia - I think he makes some good arguments

Justin said...

Good call, GB. I will get the book. My colleague, Ray Smith is reading it and loves it.

A friend of mine challenged the 'interested' thing too. But I've found most people happy to have a brief conversation. (interest).

But may take that down if more people agree.

A Friend said...

I don't know that Sydney siders are all that interested in religion. I think it's a bit of a taboo subject. They are wary of anyone who is zealous in this matter.

Mike Doyle said...

How different is 2000 from 2042 (Newtown), where there seems to be a higher aggression towards Christianity (though not spirituality).

Also - does this statement cover the high level of different ethnic groups that the 2000 postcode covers? I note with interest that the ABS says for the postcode 2000 15.9% are born in Australia (compared to 71% over all of Australia), then comes China, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong.

If you want to be representative of the area, 74% are born outside of Australian.

michael jensen said...

Hey, you should read David Williamson's play 'Emerald City' for a fine analysis of the culture of Sydney Town. Brash, brazen and brutal. Crawling over the bodies of others to get a better harbour view. You gotta love this city!