Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quotes from Today's Inspiring People #2

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Here are some quotes from Today’s 'Inspiring People' Series (The quotes are not exact, but they are mostly correct):

John Anderson (Former Deputy Prime Minister) on Peter Costello:
"Peter rang [the vehicle help line] to have his car fixed. The woman noticed the name from the registration number and she said to him: 'You poor blighter, it must be absolutely terrible having the name 'Peter Costello'."

Dr Karin Sowada (Former Senator) on Archeology:
"I chose to study archeology because I love to uncover people's lives; their stories."

Dr Chris Hayward (Heart Specialist) on informing patients of their potential death:
"We have to be comfortable with our own deaths first."

Chris Hayward on patient care:
"I've only been in tears once this week."

Chris Hayward on the Age of Death:
"Death is not fair at any age."

John Anderson on Suffering:
After being asked about his personal experience of losing loved ones: "It is really empty and meaningless to make sense of suffering if there is no higher plan, no relief. It's all pointless then, in which case the pain is never ending."

Dr John Dickson (CPX) on Richard Dawkins:
"Very few academics today claim that an 'all-loving' God would necessarily stop suffering. There may be good reasons that we don't know for God to continue suffering. Even Richard Dawkins, (who is not adverse to running light arguments), knows not to run with this one."

John Dickson on God and suffering:
"We may not be able to trace his hand, but we can trust his heart."

John Dickson on doubt:
"You are allowed to come to God with your doubting muscles flexed."

Karin Sowada on John Anderson:
Karen: "John came up to me in parliament and said to me 'how can you be a Christian and in the Democrats'?"
John: "I was just being friendly. :) "

Karen Sowada on being a Christian in Parliament:
"The rubber hit the road when it came to godliness. How do you be godly? It's the same as being a Christian businessman. How do you be honest? How do you face the temptations and still be godly."

John Anderson on Aussie attitudes to politicians:
"I would greet a group of school children and ask them how many of their parents had said to them before they came to Canberra: 'Oh all the politicians are crooks'. And almost all these kid's hands went up. We forget how good we've got it."

John Dickson on Christianity:
People have to allow Christianity to put its best foot forward."



Anonymous said...

Thanks for these - some great ones from John Dickson in there!

Martin said...

Love the quote on Aussie attitudes toward politics! Hilarious. I think it'd be about the same in the States too.

dave miers said...

these quotes have been great!! thankss.

Justin said...

Thanks guys. Martin, great to hear from you!