Thursday, September 10, 2009

Download Inspiring People Information HERE.

There are lots of events for 'Inspiring People' in Sydney. I'm excited. On the website, you can read the profiles of each of the people, and see what events you can go to.

Thanks to Google pages, you can download and forward invitations to the first two CBD events here:

Colin Buchanan, Anne Robinson, and Ken Handley
Download Invitation and Information HERE
Tues 15th Sept (7.15AM)
Breakfast $30 at Union Club, 25 Bent St, Sydney

The Hon. John Anderson, Toby Hall and Davyd Thomas
Download Invitation and Information HERE
Wed 16th Sept (12.15PM)
Lunch $45 at Hilton Hotel, 288 George St, Sydney

I will be present at both of them, and on the Panel on Wednesday 16th.

Register by clicking HERE.


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