Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quotes from today's Inspiring People

Here are some quotes from Today’s 'Inspiring People' Series (The quotes may not be exact, but they are mostly correct):

Colin Buchanan on his time Outback:
“The desert does its work on people”

John Dickson on being in 'In the Silence':
“The band didn’t want to be famous and shallow, so we split up and 3 of us when to Bible College.”

Ken Handley on the pressures of being a judge:
“You need to be thick skinned, and I’m well qualified.”

Ken Handley on being on a panel with 3 musicians:
Moderator: “Can you play anything?”
Ken Handley: “I can play the fool”

Colin Buchanan on creativity:
“There are so many cracks in the pavement to fill with all sorts of creative activities.”

Ken Handley on the domestic life of a judge:
“Don’t think for a minute that I win the arguments at home.”

Anne Robinson on the Poor:
“You read the Scriptures, and it’s really between the eyeballs that God cares about the poor and needy.”

Colin Buchanan on Integrity:
“It’s the private moments that define the public moments.”

Colin Buchanan on Jesus:
“He says ‘Follow’ and I said ‘OK’.

Colin Buchanan on parenting an adult:
“My son is 19, and so he’s putting the world together.”

Colin Buchanan on Church:
“I’m at church every Sunday.”

John Dickson on Jesus:
“If the greatest person on the world died on a cross, then greatness must be in being humble.”

John Dickson on Ken Handley:
“I was at this camp, and I’d made a mess of my eggs and bacon, and I handed my plate to a man who got his hands dirty with my mess. And someone said to me: ‘that man is a judge’. It was you, Ken. I could see humility in action.”

Colin Buchanan:
“When Jesus talks about the weak, he is talking about all of us.”


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Mark said...

Sounds like an inspired session, Justin.

Were you MCing this? How did you capture the quotes at the same time? That's multi-tasking par excellence.