Wednesday, September 30, 2009

#4 Lifestyle (15 minutes around Postcode 2000)

Sydneysiders choose pleasure over pain; beauty over ugliness; simple over complicated. They are comfortable and maybe even indulgent. They love the weekends over weekdays, knowing that Sydney is its own heaven. They have unusually good water skills, and they are into personal time, sport, sun, socialising, weather, concerts, movies, and the SMH. They care deeply *where* they live. They are green, but only when convenient.

Pic on Flickr by NSW Ocean Baths.


gillian said...

oh my goodness, well done, yes yes yes, it is me, my husband, my friends and all my colleagues in 150 words, brilliant! Ok , back to planning the weekend.

Ev said...

Is the photo an intentional swipe at 2095?

Justin said...

Is it Manly???

Ev said...

yeah it's on the path from manly to fairy bower.

A Friend said...

yeah, pretty spot on

Anonymous said...

This is a great series!

"Sydneysiders choose pleasure over pain; beauty over ugliness; simple over complicated."

Fast over slow also? There seems to be an almost innate gravitation towards efficiency in our city. Just try walking slowly along George St!

fional said...

I'm not quite sure where this goes, but I think another distinctive thing about Sydneysiders is 'events'. It seems to me that Sydney people get their cultural experience in the form of events. They don't just regularly check out galleries, theatres or parks - they wait until there's a big show or food festival.

To my mind this is something that makes Sydney different to Melbourne. Melbourne people seem to experience 'culture' in a much more organic, routine way. Maybe this is why there are lots of alternative Melbourne people - because creativity is a part of the fabric of their life. Wheras in Sydney culture 'happens to' people who are normally conservative.

Anonymous said...

Having grown up in Sydney but having since lived in other states, I would say of Sydneysiders that they are comfortably oblivious to the rest of Australia. Melbourne may vaguely exist for shopping, the Gold Coast for holidays, and Uluru is out there somewhere, but in essence Sydney *is* Australia for Sydney-siders.

And everyone else in Australia thinks that Sydney-siders, especially those who can afford to live within 15 min of the CBD, are wankers. (Forgive my language.) Not that they care!



Justin said...

Kate -- are they correct? (Or is it a reverse snobbery?)