Tuesday, May 22, 2007

(#6) John 14 Sermon: A Word about Loving Jesus

(This is the sixth post in a Sermon on John 14:15-31. Read the passage first.)

Some of you are clear that you are not Christians. And you say – 'Well that doesn’t help me; I don’t believe in Jesus, so why would I love him?'

If you so desire, you’ve got some work to do. And that’s a good thing. Read the gospels asking yourself: Is Jesus a person I could love? And ask it honestly. But I promise you this: That you will not be settled on the God question in abstract. Nobody settles the God question in the abstract. Ask any Christian, and mostly will tell you that they were attracted to Jesus (they may not use that language), long before they gathered settled answers to all their very vexing questions.

And for some of us Christians: We hear 'Learn to love Jesus.' And we think 'that’s a language that I am not used to'. Here is the interesting thing: Jesus is used to it. V15: He wants you to love him. He wants you to entrust yourself to him... …Your soul, your heart, your decisions.

More to come...

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