Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nathan and Cassie

So, its been a lot of joy for us this month: we had Em-mma stay for three week, and then we had a good time with Nathan and Cassie Tasker last week. Nice. We had Nath play at our church, and Laurel and I hosted two 'house concerts' (Or you probably ought to call them 'apartment concerts'. And on Sunday, we hung out in Central Park, which is spectacular in springtime (See Pics of The Boy and The Girl.)

Being thankful to God is a must-activity for believers in Jesus.

If you click on the Pic of Nath and Cassie, you'll get a full report of their time with us.

Click away...


Jeff said...

Sorry to have missed the musical apartment evening; in days of yore, I'd have been there, guaranteed. Thanks for your sermon this morning. I had thoughts during but these have been superceded by ruminations on diapers, sleep training and oil paint fumes. Let's have lunch.

Jenny said...

The tea party is gorgeous.