Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cheeky Monkey

I have some more serious posts coming up, but I'm taking vacation days.

Did you know that Dr Laurel had a teaching job this semester? She finished her dissertation last year and graduated in May 06. She's been at home with the kids since they were born, which has been her desire. But a school (tertiary college) called The King's College, who rent space in the Empire State Building, offered her a teaching job. So she’s been teaching a class for two mornings a week all semester. It's been great for her, and the students have been wonderful. Laurel and I went to The King's College formal last week (Laurel as a staff) and then we entertained her class in our apartment on Sunday afternoon. Or rather, they entertained us. Good times.

Anyways, the semester is over, and Laurel and Em-mma (from Sydney) are now in Nashville visiting Nathan and Cassie Tasker for a few days of Rest and Recreation. I'm taking care of the kids, so that Laurel can get some fresh air, spend some time with some great friends, and can actually sleep in etc.

So we had a play date with two of the toddlers from church on Monday afternoon in Battery Park City, and today we went to the Central Park Zoo. Please allow me to quote The Boy:

I like snakes. I want to see the snakes. Those snakes scare me. I don't want to see the snakes.
I think that pretty much sums up how every human being relates to their dreams and fears, don't you think?

PS I did not, repeat not, place those sunnies on The Boy! But I do want to know where he got that poke-the-tongue-thing from…



Justin said...

I had some wonderful sitters this afternoon. They were fabulous and they took both these pics. Thanks guys!

Lunch said...

That fringe is very .... retro.

Justin said...

Really, Lunch? The word that sprang to my mind is ... Contemporary.

And maybe ...Continental. Our local barber is Italian.

Anonymous said...

Are the sunnies actually yours J? They look like they could well be. Congrats to the doc on the job! Tremendous! Bernie

Lunch said...

Very retro.

But then again, I'm not up with the latest in kid's hairdos in the US of A.

Laurel said...

I think I know EXACTLY who Oliver got that poke-the-tongue-thing from. I believe Oliver knows him as "Dad." Can't wait to see you guys.

chelsea said...

yup, I can so see you doing that poke out the tongue thing J-man - sorry but its got you written all over it :P hehe

I love that quote from the Boy! classic!

Well done to laurel! thats awesome!

Rory Shiner said...

Hi Justin,

It's Rory here of "married to Susan Everett" fame. Would you mind sending your email address to me at (rory dot shiner at gmail dot com)
If you don't mind, I was hoping to ask you a couple of questions.

James said...

Good to hear that you're getting some time off Laurel! I hope you're enjoying Nashville (if you're still there...)
Moff, that tounge thing screams "Justin" louder than not finishing a sentence in a crucial part of a sermon.
And speaking of which, I was chatting to a guy called Jono Caroll-Goldin (in my bs last year, great guy, you'll have to meet him when you come back later this year) and somehow you came up in conversation. He told me he'd been working through a series of your talks, so i asked "Have you noticed how sometimes he doesn't finish his sentances?" He quickly turned to me, eyes wide open, and exclaimed "YES! Far out! What is the deal with that? Man that frustrates me!" I just laughed...
It's SO Moffatt... you better not have lost that!
Or the tounge thing!

Lunch said...

Not sure that's how you spell tongue Beasley.