Monday, May 12, 2008

Absolutely the last Baby Name to be Nixed


Johnny Cash. Live. 1968. Top Song. Top Song. Worth a Viewing.

But Sue is a name guaranteed to be nixed.

(H/T My Dad for this one...)



Ian said...

I love that song!

In an attempt to be truly helpful, maybe this?

The Heald Family said...

Great talking to Laurel (and you Justin:) by phone on the way to the hospital. I am praying for you all during this wonderful time. Laurel, I can't believe you started babysitting for us 12 years ago:))) now you are having number 3! Look forward to hearing the name and Oliver & Louisa's reaction.

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

But how will he learn to fight? And isn't rearing a psychopathic son bent on patricide every father's dream?

Here is an article from the SMH about the top baby names in the US.

I guess there is only a narrow path to tread between the abyss of the bizarre on oneside and the sea of ennui on the other. Come to think of it, Ennui is kind of cute, and uni-sex.

SeaPea said...

time to change your "about me" section

ultrarobbo said...

Surely there are plenty more names to be nixed?!

Oxsana? Olga? Apple? Tabatha (or Dorkus)?

Sue seems like such a simple one to Nix.