Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sermon Audio: 2 Timothy 4.

Click for the sermon on Sunday: SERMON AUDIO: 2 TIMOTHY 4.

(Listen to know why I have a picture of a lion in this post.)

Here is the question I explore:
How can I be uncompromising, and bold on the Gospel of Jesus; while still remaining tender-hearted, personal and generous to all?
I ask, because it is hard to cultivate both.

I know some religious people who are unbending and bold in their beliefs but have the social skills of a cactus. And that’s at best. At worst, of course, there are many who consider these people dangerous fundamentalists. 'There is nothing more dangerous', they say, 'than over-believing, delusional, zealots.'

On the other hand, I know plenty of religious people who are tender hearted, personal and generous to all, but have the theological backbone of a jellyfish. They may be inspiring and likable but they believe nothing concrete. And they stand for nothing concrete.

Each one of us tends to err to one side or the other. Which side are you on?

Read 2 Timothy 4 beforehand (I'm preaching from the NRSV)...

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Jim said...

Your metaphors sound like something Blackadder would come up with.

I look forward to listening....

Turns said...

I could definitely be more tender and gentle. I tend to get particularly fired up when talking to people who openly profess being Christian, but then believe things like other faiths can still enter the kingdom of heaven.

I had a chat the other day with a Christian guy who believes that Torah observing Jews can still enter the kingdom of heaven even if they don't believe Jesus is the prophesied messiah. In retrospect I could have been more tender and gentle. It's not that I got seriously fired up or anything, but there's always room to improve...

Chelsea Grainger said...

My goodness, where have I been!! I just scrolled down through your last few posts, and discovered you are expecting a new addition to your wonderful family!! I am so excited for you Justin and Laurel! Praise God!

And I LOVE that you posted that verse with the ultrasound pic - just two days ago a pregnant colleague at work showed me a DVD of her latest Ultrasound and I couldnt help but be overwhelmed with amazement at God's work! As you would know much better than me, It is so amazing to see such a tiny person, see their little heart beating inside their mother, see the form of their face and head and arms and see them moving aroung - a new life and all because of God's amazing workmanship. I too (not suprisingly) thought of that verse you posted at that time.

Anyway, very excited for you and will definitely pray for Laurel and this little (or should I say massive?!) blessing!

p.s. look forward to listenin to this sermon too...