Sunday, May 04, 2008

Foot Landing...

My folks turned up to NYC on Thursday to help with the arrival of the newborn (Lord willing).

On Friday, a good buddy of mine invites them to a baseball game: Yankees V Seattle.

Yankees Stadium.
Front Row.
Behind First Base.

Foot Landers.


Pic taken on an iPhone.


Martin T said...

PLEASE introduce me to your friend.

Welcome, elder Moffatts!

Martin said...

By the way, Justin, I went to Brian McLaren's talk this afternoon. Like you said, sort of inspiring and likable, but with theology so loose that I was cringing every two minutes. And looking around for someone to exchange confused/appalled glances with, but everyone else seemed to be eating it up.

sam said...

Hope all goes well with the arrival of number 3. Will be praying for you. We are off to Jakarta this morning. Currently typing at a free optus internet site. cheers

James said...
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James said...

Ha - that reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with Judge Reinhold guest starring.
ELAINE: You had fun with Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld?
AARON: Yeah, they bought me a coke!
Funny stuff...