Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mother's Day 2/5: A Radically New Kind of Spiritual Family

Guest Blogger: Lynda Kong (Our Women's Ministry Director).
Mother’s Day Talk: "The Paradox of Our Christian Identity."

And the relationship that I have with her has many paradoxical elements as well:

There is a duty and obligation to care for one another, but it’s a duty that arises out of love; There are times of feeling distant, and yet a great joy and pleasure in being together; There is an inability to communicate well, because we don’t speak the same language, but also a desire to move towards knowing each other more deeply.

This kind of mother/daughter relationship is itself a picture of the kind of family relationship that we have with one another as Christians, because God has called us, in giving us the Spirit of His Son Jesus, into a radically new kind of spiritual family.

More to Come (This is 2/5 Posts)...


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