Friday, May 09, 2008

People at my Church #2

In a sea of negativity, its great to read something positive about Church.

Here is a correspondence between two friends from Christ Church NYC (This cut'n'paste by permission):
Laura: Did you notice that my blog and your blog had similar tones recently?
Clara: No way! Lemme check it out!
Laura: We both love CCNYC. :)
Clara: YES!
Click to Laura's Blog to read why she likes her church and why she became an Anglican.
Click to Clara's Blog to see how God answered her prayer to find church she could serve in.

Here are two parts to Laura's Post:
I looked around a bit and I found this little church plant that was meeting in a common room at the Seamen and Wayfarer's House.

And during the coffee hour on about my second visit, I was asked to usher the next week. Honestly, for a girl feeling very far from home, that was the most loving thing anyone could have asked me. I love our ministers and I love worshipping with the Book of Common Prayer, but what really sealed the deal for me were the people.

I really looked forward to the coffee hour after service each Sunday where I could talk to people who remembered my name from week to week and asked how things were going at school and genuinely listened to me explain how my students couldn't address envelopes to their own homes. I offered to become involved with student ministry (at the time we had two college students regularly attending the morning service).

And I brought Clint along when we started dating. That church has been our family, and their honest faith and emphasis on a simple, Biblical Gospel sustained me through some soul searching times and some tough questions.

I am an Anglican because, even though it can be scary to allow conversation, the tradition doesn't "major on the minors" of Christianity. The Gospel is clearly outlined in the liturgical services and their prayers and creeds.

The Bible is read out in a cycle that attempts to include as much as possible. The scriptures are held up as the most important source of knowledge about God. I can sign on to that whole heartedly. And I'll fight to defend it too.

Besides, where am I going to find a church where I don't have to fight to defend the gospel?
We thank God for Laura (and Clint), Clara and many others...

Pic is of The Little Lady flying kites in Central Park.

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