Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mother's Day 5/5: We Rejoice and we Mourn.

Guest Blogger: Lynda Kong from Christ Church NYC.
Mother’s Day Talk: "The Paradox of Our Christian Identity."

On this Mother’s Day we rejoice and we mourn with women everywhere, with mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, and nieces.

The NY Times website yesterday had a beautiful photo of a young mother in Myanmar. Here in the midst of the devastation of the cyclone, was a young mother caring for her baby, her hand was touching his arm, and her face was smiling and crying at the same time.

So we rejoice and we mourn with others, in just the right way, the way that our Lord Jesus Himself has done and continues to do for us.

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Pic by Le Papa Tanga. (not the NY Times Pic)


Megs said...

beautiful thoughts. mothering and mourning and loving amidst destruction. We have a refugee family from Myanmar staying with us, and their mother is very peaceful, often singing, and joyous, often laughing. Bens' Mother is on her deathbed. I am a tired Mother, as my littlest daughter woke me in the night, crying and crying, and my motherly presence comforted her. For many, becoming a Mother, birthing a child brings death. Rejoicing and mourning...

Jason Porter said...

You make me cry. Thanks.